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Jogo «Pyramid Mahjong»

★ 5.0
Remove all cards completely from the field according to the rules. Create your own levels according to your preferences.
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Compatível com celular

Regras «Pyramid Mahjong»

As in any mahjong, here you need to completely clear the field of cards. You can remove pairs of identical cards that do not have neighbors on the left or right and that do not overlap with other cards on top. The key feature of our mahjong is that the player can independently create levels. You can choose the size, orientation, and set of images for cards from more than 120 options. The formed level 100% has a solution, however, finding the correct sequence of moves can be quite difficult. Select the size and orientation of the puzzle, how to select a set of pictures and click the "New Game" button. The program will generate a random mahjong with your parameters. Find pairs of identical pictures that have at least one free side on the left or right, and are not covered on top by other cards and click on them. If the specified conditions are met, the cards will disappear. Step by step you need to remove them all. To avoid getting stuck, choose cards thoughtfully and pay attention to their location in the lower layers. All levels have a solution, however, to make the game interesting, the program tries to make the levels quite confusing. If you get into a dead end, you can rewind your moves or start over. The more complex and larger the puzzle, the more ranking points you will receive. By clicking the gear, you can select the background for the game, turn on or off the display of cells, and also turn on/off the sound.
GrandGames Admin
2023-10-11 12:05

The game is also available as separate puzzles: https://en.grandgames.net/pyramid

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